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Julia Is a professional pet behaviorist dog trainer she earned a B.S. degree in Behavioral Science from Otterbein College. Her experience as a pet behaviorist specialists spans over 20 years with more than 30,000 dogs of all breeds and has been recognized for outstanding behavioral techniques in publications such as: “Dog Fancy”, “Sister” and “Gazette” magazines. Her work in Los Angeles included commercial/television/film dog training and she worked with celebrity dogs parents such as Tiger & Earl Woods, Johnny Depp and Drew Barrymore.

Julia specializes in behavioral rehabilitation of dogs with aggression, anxiety and other psychological issues. Her methods are rooted in a positive-reinforcement based approach as she combines theoretical understanding and technique when teaching parents how to create a well-behaved and calm dog.

If you've seen Julia Rees on tour or watched any of her DVD 8 weeks to a well trained human and good dog, then you know there isn't a better instructor or communicator when it comes to training people and dogs. The renowned dog trainer is known for her practical, easy-to-understand instruction that gets results quickly. Julia infinite dog training skills and communication knowledge, fundamental training techniques, and practical advice problem solving are at your fingertips. You can bring her in-depth instruction into your home with doggie privates or visit us at our center. Those who desire self help you can buy the extensive media collection that features DVDs, audio CDs, and her book “Train your dog in one day. “

A Unique Style.

Julia’s signature teaching style features: The goal of the exercise; the why; detailed teaching steps; common handler mistakes. With behavior issues Julia is excellent with troubleshooting advice to overcome even the most frustrating roadblocks and a practical purpose for uses outside of training.

In each of her training DVDs, Julia always uses a trained dog to demonstrate the desired goal and an untrained dog that she works with to take you step-by-step through the exercise. Rest assured that there's no behind the door secrets with Julia as she gets down to the nitty-gritty of training dogs.

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